You wouldn’t allow a surgeon without a board certification take you under the knife, then why would you let someone administer your CoolSculpting without the appropriate certification and extensive technical training from CoolSculpting University?  There’s an extreme importance in having ONLY a CoolSculpting University graduate perform CoolSculpting on you and here’s why!

At CoolSculpting University, or CSU as you may hear it referred to, it’s literally CoolSculpting 101!  Hours are spent participating in hands-on education, lectures are given from the best of the best at the Coolsculpting training center, and treatments performed by experts of the craft are observed.  Complete patient body assessments analyzing all 360 degrees of an individuals CoolSculpting opportunity are heavily focused on.

Every body is different so understanding how to assess each person individually to create an optimal CoolSculpting outcome is crucial.  This provides every participant with a plethora of tools to help him or her make assessments before treatment to ensure optimal results.

Not all cosmetic and aesthetic practice team members attend CoolSculpting University but we proudly have  not only an Advanced CoolSculpting grads  but the ONLY  Master Coolsculpting Graduate on Long Island here at The Aesthetic Room!   It’s your body and it’s the only one you’ll ever have.  Make sure you choose a CSU grad to transform your body and give you the ultimate outcome you’ve been desiring.

5 Reasons to choose The Aesthetic Room

as your

Long Island Coolsculpting Provider

Number 1:

Our Coolsculpting Technician specializes in Coolsculpting! She is the FIRST and ONLY Coolsculpting Master on Long Island! What does that mean? She not only graduated from Coolsculpting University, but she graduated from their advanced Masters program only offered a limited number of times to experienced providers. To top it off, they use her results to teach the class on how to get the best possible results out of Coolsculpting

Number 2:

Our RESULTS. Not all Coolsculpting practices and technicians are created equally! Its not as simple as placing a the handpeice over fat, and getting results! It takes a special eye, a knowledge of anatomy and experience to get results. Its an art and a science, and our technician has it perfected! Check out before and afters           !

Number 3:

Our office treats you as the individual and important person that you are! We treat everyone who comes in for their Coolsculpting experience as if this is a small little getaway from work, chores, school, etc.! We have a tv in the room with Netflix so you can binge away, we order breakfast, lunch, shakes, snacks, coffee, drinks; YOU NAME IT! Turn the lights off and nap along side the candles, or bring your laptop and work work work. Either way, the day is yours and we want to make your experience matter!

Number 4:

Our equipment and machines are the latest, up to date and quickest on the market! No need to spend double the time any where else, when we can get your treatment done in half! Plus, our handpieces are more effective than the older ones. How? They don't PULL as hard- creating an more comfortable experience for you: during and after! They cover more surface area; AKA more fat is being frozen! And they are faster than the older machines- we know time is special so we get you in and out as fast as possible in the most effective efficient way!

Number 5:

We also offer other non-invasive procedures and treatments that complement Coolsculpting, but also allow for you to have a one stop shop! We offer Vivace microneedling/radiofrequency: Meaning we can tighten your skin, get rid of crepy areas and really take your Coolsculpting results to another level. Some practices can't Coolsculpt you with loose skin; but we can! We also offer botox, fillers, Hydrafacials, skin care products and much more! Why travel to multiple places when your Coolsculpting office has someone who specializes in everything else as well!

The Only Long Island Coolsculpting Master Technician

Changing someone’s body image through fat reduction with CoolSculpting requires an expert technician with compassion, advanced training and an ability to produce phenomenal results. Clients of the The Aesthetic Room on Long Island get all three with Shantee Albin, our lead CoolSculpting technician.

Shantee now holds the highest accreditation CoolSculpting offers technicians, after recently completing the CoolSculpting University Masters course in Reston, Virginia, with the most elite men and women in the industry. As the first and only Long Island Coolsculpting technician to complete the course, Shantee, is now a true expert in CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is so much more than freezing someone’s fat. It’s about earning the trust of men and women who might be less confident, ashamed or who have tried everything to lose weight but still don’t see the results they want. CoolSculpting is an art and it has the ability to transform someone’s body so they feel more confident to go after whatever was once holding them back.

As one of the top Coolsculpting specialists invited to participate in the Masters CoolSculpting program, Shantee received in-depth training on clinical protocols and learned new ways to enhance the CoolSculpting consultation and treatment process. The two-day training program also included interactive presentations, hands-on training, and peer-to-peer workshops.

This ensures the patients who come to The Aesthetic Room for CoolSculpting will receive the best possible outcome. Shantee's results were already phenomenal, and now they are unparalleled. Shantee truly is a Coolsculpting expert!