Dr. Ben Tracy, M.D.

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I often get asked how I got into doing cosmetic dermatology with injectables like Botox and Fillers while I am completing residency in a completely different field.

So here is the story. For those of you who do not know how a doctor gets into residency, it is through a horrible process called "The Match." Basically every medical student in the world who wants a U.S. residency submits a lists of programs that they are interested in and every program submits a list of medical students that they are interested. Yadda yadda yadda, it gets put into some fancy supercomputer somewhere and voila, you MATCH!


There is a whole ceremony and day to celebrate (or possibly cry) for all the students that match which is usually sometime in the middle of March. I knew what specialty I wanted to go into (PM&R which stands for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) and was fortunate to match into one of my top choices.  

It wasn't until after match day had been celebrated and I had committed to my chosen specialty that I started my private practice rotation with a Pain Neurologist. On my first day I arrived at his practice extra early like a good little medical student should and when he finally rolled in over an hour later (fashionably late, of course) he took me into his office and gave me a brief introduction to his practice. I remember my shock and skepticism when he told me that at this point in his practice he was doing probably 75% cosmetic dermatology. Of course I knew that Botox existed and that a doctor could inject it but what I didn't realize until I started doing it at his practice was how much I would LOVE doing it!  And so by blind luck, fate, or whatever you may choose to call it was was introduced to injectables. By this point it was way to late too change my specialty and to be honest...fungal rashes kinda freak me out so it's probably for the best. Now I get to practice doing what I love without the fungal rashes. 


My experience working with Botox and fillers stuck with me until after going through advanced injectable training I decided to open my own practice.  And now a couple years later, I'm so thrilled to be opening The Aesthetic Room!!  

Can't wait to meet you! 

-Dr. Ben