A Beautiful Glow From a Next-level Treatment


Your skin is unique to you, so your rejuvenating treatments should be unique as well. With GlowTox at Long Island’s VITRA Aesthetics Clinic, our exceptionally dedicated team of professionals can deliver a highly customized blend of therapeutic products via needles luxuriously plated in 24-carat gold. Not only can you be confident that your treatment is designed exclusively for you, but you can gain even more confidence in your appearance as you see the beautiful results develop while you go about your daily life.



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What Is GlowTox?

GlowTox uses a sophisticated device technically known as a “microchannel microinjector,” similar to AquaGold. Elegantly designed needles that are thinner than a human hair create tiny openings in the skin to trigger restorative collagen production. At the same time, these ultra-fine needles are delivering minimal doses of BOTOX® and other top-line liquid therapeutics to a precise depth below the skin’s surface.

Each of the 20 needles is plated in 24-karat gold. Together, they can deliver an impressive 2,400 microinjections in a single minute. All of this makes for an exceptionally comfortable experience with no down time required after a session.

What Can GlowTox Treat?

GlowTox can be applied to address many signs of aging virtually anywhere on the face. That makes the treatment ideal for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles—even in sensitive areas, such as where crow’s feet develop around the eyes. GlowTox can also make skin firmer, clearer, better hydrated, and more even, giving it a stunning, porcelain-like quality while also generating a warm and healthy glow.


Ready for a confidence-boosting aesthetic change? The first step is sharing your personal cosmetic goals with a member of the VITRA Aesthetics team in Long Island, NY, led by accomplished Physician Assistant Joanne Vitale. Our medical professionals are all licensed, and each has a history of specialized training, high-quality results, an eye for exquisite detail, and the warmth of the human touch.

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What Is The GlowTox Experience At VITRA?

The 24-karat gold microchannel design means GlowTox sessions are very well tolerated by everyone who chooses this next-level treatment. VITRA Aesthetics Clinic puts this highly advanced technology in the hands of uncompromising medical professionals who have significant training and experience in administering BOTOX® and more. Patient’s utmost safety and comfort are top priorities.

Blends of skin-rejuvenating medications can be delivered within minutes. Since no downtime is required after, you can return to your normal daily life at whatever speed you’d like.

What Happens After A GlowTox Session?

The beautiful results will begin to appear within two to three days of a GlowTox treatment. Specific results will depend on the exact therapeutics administered. The skin-smoothing effects of muscle relaxants will be visible sooner, while the benefits of renewed collagen production develop more gradually.

What Cosmetic Medications Does VITRA Offer?

Three rigorously tested and effective neuromodulators—BOTOX®, Dysport®, and Xeomin®—are available for addressing dynamic wrinkles, such as frown lines. Volume-adding dermal fillers are also available, including the hyaluronic acid-based Juvederm® and Restylane® families.

Schedule a private visit with the medical technicians at the inviting VITRA Aesthetics Clinic to learn which injectables or combination of treatments is ideal for helping you achieve the look you want—and building your natural confidence.