Get Smoother Skin and Encourage Healthy Circulation


Enjoy luxuriously smooth skin and a brighter complexion with dermaplaning at Long Island’s VITRA Aesthetics Clinic. The remarkably simple treatment is designed specifically to reveal your natural radiance and make your daily skincare routines even easier and more effective. Enjoy results that you can both see and feel—as well as a boost in confidence whenever you look in the mirror or run your hand along your cheek.



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What Is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a type of “manual exfoliation,” ideal for removing the causes of dullness and an uneven surface in order to allow smoother, more radiant skin to shine. Using a finely honed tool known as a dermaplane, a highly trained and skilled medical aesthetician will make gentle, practiced strokes to reveal younger layers of skin, as well as encourage improved circulation and renewed collagen production.

Dermaplaning is such a gentle treatment, it can even be used for patients with chronic rosacea or skin that is sensitive or prone to acne.

What Can Dermaplaning Treat?

As an exfoliating treatment, dermaplaning removes dead and dull skin cells to give the skin a radiant complexion and address fine lines and wrinkles. It also opens pores and shaves away fine vellus hairs more commonly known as peach fuzz. Not only does this give your skin a more porcelain-like feel, but it also makes the application of makeup easier and more effective. Topical products will be absorbed more readily, and your foundation and other cosmetics of choice will glide on more evenly for a more flawless look and finish.

Dermaplaning can also reduce the appearance of certain scars, as well as make future acne breakouts less likely, since it opens the pores.

What Is The Dermaplaning Experience At VITRA?

The medical clinicians who perform dermaplaning at VITRA Aesthetics Clinic have put extensive study and training into use of the dermaplane itself. Every effort is made to create a relaxing environment for the safest and gentlest treatment possible. Many people have described the feel of the dermaplane moving across their skin as “light” and “feathery.”

The specialized tool is made and applied with delicate precision for incredibly fine results. The entire session can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, making it a quick revitalization that can easily fit into even busy schedules.

What Happens After A Dermaplaning Session?

Your skin will look smoother, fresher, brighter, and more radiant right away. Dermaplaning treatments are so gentle, there is no down time required. Feel free to get right back to whatever activities you would like, as soon as you feel ready!

Are There Other Exfoliating Treatments Available At VITRA Aesthetics?

Another option for exfoliation involves the use of specially formulated solutions known as chemical peels. These prompt a more gradual reveal of younger layers of skin, with results that become increasingly visible in the days after a session. The sophisticated HydraFacial® device provides exfoliating benefits while simultaneously extracting impurities and infusing the skin with hydrating serums.

For a pampering experience that exfoliates, hydrates, and enhances the skin’s natural glow, choose from VITRA’s medical-grade facials. DiamondGlow uses a diamond-tipped wand to uncover fresh layers, as well as deeply cleanse and infuse SkinMedica® serums.