Relax Dynamic Wrinkles for a More Youthful Face


A noticeably smooth forehead is one of the most obvious features of a youthful face. Neuromodulators like Xeomin® at the Long Island-based VITRA Aesthetics Clinic can quickly restore a visibly unlined and naturally younger look for anyone who wants to refresh their appearance.

The VITRA Aesthetics Clinic team believes in the confidence-building power of matching your outside appearance to your inner vitality. We collaborate with each patient who comes to us so that we can create a unique care plan. By working together, we can give your face a beautiful rejuvenation.



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Whtat is Xeomin®?

Smoothing dynamic wrinkles can be as simple as keeping the muscles responsible for facial lines at rest.

Xeomin® is an injectable treatment known as a “neuromodulator.” Once carefully introduced into the targeted muscle by an experienced injector, it prevents contractions for months at a time. When specific muscles relax in the forehead, a smoother and more youthful look results—even when conveying a range of expressions.

Other wrinkle-relaxing injectables contain proteins in addition to the main ingredient, but Xeomin® is known as “the naked injectable” because it features only the key neuromodulator. This tends to make it a great choice for people with allergies.

What Can Xeomin® Treat?

Xeomin® is ideal for smoothing noticeable frown lines between the eyebrows, which form due to repetitive muscle action creasing the skin the same way for years. Relaxing the muscles responsible makes these lines less visible when the muscles are at rest, as well as keeps them from deepening and becoming more obvious when certain expressions are made.

Starting treatments before lines become deeply etched in the skin can work as a preventative strategy. Younger people may find that Xeomin® can delay the development of certain facial wrinkles altogether.

Who Is a Good Candidate For Xeomin®?

At VITRA Aesthetics Clinic, treatments are chosen after a one-on-one discussion with the patient. We will talk with you and assess your skin before recommending an approach designed to deliver naturally beautiful results. Every plan is customized. With that in mind, good candidates for Xeomin® are those who want to address their dynamic facial lines to get a more youthful-looking forehead.

What Is The VITRA Aesthetics Clinic Xeomin® Experience?

Although most people find it a very comfortable experience without numbing, our injectors offer topical anesthetics to maximize patient comfort during the injection process if requested.

A Xeomin® session can be completed in very little time, making it an easy appointment to fit into your schedule. Exact details—such as how long your visit will take—will be discussed at your consultation.


Ready for a confidence-boosting aesthetic change? The first step is sharing your personal cosmetic goals with a member of the VITRA Aesthetics team in Long Island, NY, led by accomplished Physician Assistant Joanne Vitale. Our medical professionals are all licensed, and each has a history of specialized training, high-quality results, an eye for exquisite detail, and the warmth of the human touch.

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What Happens After a Xeomin® Session?

You will notice activity in your Xeomin®-injected muscles slowing in the days after your session. This will create a smoother look between your eyebrows without sacrificing your ability to make any expression you want. Expect the results to last for about three months. You can return for a new treatment around that time in order to maintain your look.

Does VITRA Aesthetics Clinic Offer More Than Xeomin®?

Neuromodulators that work in the same way as Xeomin® include Dysport® and BOTOX®. Both are available at VITRA Aesthetics Clinic. Fillers like Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Sculptra® can also be included in a comprehensive rejuvenation plan.