Get Confidence-Boosting Answers From VITRA Aesthetics Clinic

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Physician Assistant Joanne Vitale leads a team of extremely qualified, experienced, talented, and compassionate providers who train with the latest equipment, technologies, and products in order to offer an uncompromisingly premiere experience and beautiful results.

The cosmetic treatments at VITRA Aesthetics Clinic have been carefully curated and chosen for their demonstrated ability to safely and reliably generate the desired results. Options include wrinkle-relaxing injectables, dermal fillers, light devices for repairing sun damage and tightening tissue, collagen-inducing microneedling, exfoliating treatments, fat reduction, and more.

We welcome anyone who believes their outside appearance should match their inner vitality. The experienced and discerning VITRA team will work with each individual to determine the appropriateness of treatments for achieving specific results and improved confidence.

Cost is frequently a consideration for those considering a cosmetic treatment. Due to the intense customization that goes into every session at VITRA, cost of a specific product or device will be discussed at a personalized consultation. This is also when other unique details can be determined.

Patient comfort is of paramount importance to the VITRA team, all of whom have access to science-backed strategies for making treatments as comfortable as possible. As a result, patients find many treatments to be not just tolerable, but relaxing!

Many treatments available at VITRA allow you to get right back to your preferred activities, no down time needed. Some options come with specific aftercare instructions that may require you to avoid applying makeup or engaging in intense activities for a brief while. These will be discussed with you before any treatment begins.

Some treatments (such as certain fillers) provide contouring results that can last for years, while others (such as combined exfoliation, extraction, and infusion devices) generate a healthy glow that lasts for days or weeks. Each option comes with its own specifics, which the VITRA team will explain and discuss during your personalized consultation.

A good rule of thumb is to wait at least two weeks after getting the COVID vaccine before having any cosmetic injections. The experienced VITRA team can answer medical questions about specific treatments in a one-on-one setting.