A Youthful, Confidence-boosting Look


Navigating the path to a rejuvenated appearance requires experienced and trusted guidance. At VITRA Aesthetics Clinic, located conveniently in Islip, Huntington, Massapequa, and Smithtown on Long Island, NY, our seasoned team specializes in administering BOTOX® treatments for both women and men. We understand the importance of feeling confident not only in your choice of provider and treatment but also in your own skin.

Our skilled injectors at VITRA Aesthetics Clinic take the time to develop a thorough understanding of your cosmetic goals, building a lasting relationship with you to ensure your outside appearance matches your inner vitality and beauty. For many of our patients, BOTOX® offers an ideal solution to address crow’s feet, forehead lines, and other signs of aging. This highly effective injectable treatment is renowned for providing a more youthful look and restoring confidence.



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Learn How BOTOX® Creates a More Youthful Look

BOTOX® Cosmetic has been the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world for years. It works specifically on facial lines known as “dynamic wrinkles,” which form due to constant muscle activity that pulls on the skin. Each time your eyebrows bunch together, for example, the skin between them creases just a little bit. Over time, these daily creases add up into noticeable folds that become obvious as soon as you make a particular facial expression. The lines can eventually become visible at rest without expression.

To prevent these lines from developing and deepening, BOTOX® prevents targeted muscles from pulling on the skin. The active ingredient is widely used in medicine, cosmetics, and research because it has the ability to prevent messages sent via the nervous system from reaching their destination. In other words, a muscle will not contract if it never gets the message telling it to do so—and a muscle at rest translates to skin at rest.

The more relaxed your muscles are, the fewer lines and wrinkles you’ll have! With the benefits of BOTOX® treatment, you can feel free to make any expressions you’d like, confident that you look as approachable and refreshed as you feel.

See what’s possible with BOTOX® at Long Island’s VITRA Aesthetics Clinic.

With BOTOX® at Long Island’s VITRA Aesthetics Clinic, our injectors can accomplish beautifully comprehensive facial rejuvenation without plastic surgery. The wrinkle relaxer is ideal for smoothing horizontal frown lines on the forehead, glabellar lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet that extend from the outer corners of the eyes, bunny lines that develop on either side of the nose, and fine lines that form above the upper lip.

What Can BOTOX® Do For You?

We target BOTOX® injections into carefully selected muscles. These are the muscles that specifically control the skin that folds into furrows. The FDA approved BOTOX® for smoothing:

  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Worry or frown lines between the eyebrows
  • Crow’s feet

As experienced injectors who are thoroughly trained in BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments, the VITRA Aesthetics Clinic team can use BOTOX® to address other cosmetic problems as well, including bunny lines next to the nose, a heavy-looking brow, a dimpled chin, a “square” jawline (masseter BOTOX®), frown lines on the lower face, and more. We can also perform a “lip flip” to make the upper lip unfurl and appear fuller without actually adding volume, as well as injections to lift the corners of the mouth. Our extensive work with BOTOX® allows us to tailor each session to the individual, which means you get an experience and results customized to your face and goals.

In addition to the standard treatments, we also offer a modified microdroplet and exclusive “baby BOTOX®” facial wrinkle reduction treatment.

The injectable can also be used to treat “hyperhidrosis,” which is the medical term for excessive sweating. By injecting it into overactive glands in the underarm area, the palms, or the scalp, we can “relax” the sweat-producing glands to keep you drier.

Who Is a Good Candidate For BOTOX®?

BOTOX®is ideal for a wide range of adults who want to reduce the look of facial lines and wrinkles that mainly appear when they make certain expressions. At VITRA, you don’t have to decide if you’re a good candidate for BOTOX® on your own. Your board-certified injector will thoroughly discuss your medical history, the condition of your skin, your cosmetic goals, and any potential side effects—all with the goal of letting you know exactly which treatment would work best.

A common reason patients come in for BOTOX treatments is because they are changing their cosmetic goals. As patients age, their concerns often evolve from specific—such as treating a strong frown line they’ve inherited from a parent—to general anti-aging concerns. However, many are looking to avoid expensive cosmetic surgery or facelifts as they age, which makes BOTOX® injections a great alternative.

Younger people can also benefit from BOTOX®, which can also be used as a wrinkle-prevention treatment. It keeps wrinkle-causing muscles relaxed, delaying the formation of lines on the face.

Did you know: The number of men receiving BOTOX® cosmetic treatments over the past 20 years has risen by 325 percent! At VITRA Aesthetics Clinic, we have absolutely seen a rise in the popularity of injectables for men in recent years, and we encourage men in the Long Island area to reach out to see if BOTOX works for their cosmetic goals.

What Makes VITRA Aesthetics Clinic in Long Island, NY a Go-to Choice For BOTOX®?

Confidence in your own appearance plays a huge part in how you live each day. The VITRA Aesthetics Clinic team, serving Islip, Huntington, Smithtown, and Massapequa in Long Island, NY is totally committed to empowering you by helping you reclaim a look that communicates the vitality, approachability, and joy you feel, no matter your age!

How does that work? It starts with experience. Our professional injectors are medical clinicians who are thoroughly trained and routinely perform BOTOX® treatments for a diverse group of patients each day. This close familiarity with the injectable allows us to provide reliably natural-looking results in the treatment areas with integrity and care.

As for the experience itself, topical anesthetics and ice are offered to numb the skin prior to each treatment in order to provide patients with a refreshingly comfortable experience.


Ready for a confidence-boosting aesthetic change? The first step is sharing your personal cosmetic goals with a member of the VITRA Aesthetics team in Long Island, NY, led by accomplished Physician Assistant Joanne Vitale. Our medical professionals are all licensed, and each has a history of specialized training, high-quality results, an eye for exquisite detail, and the warmth of the human touch.

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What Happens After BOTOX® Injections?

Injections can be completed quickly, and patients can get right back to their planned day after a session with minimal downtime. In fact, many people schedule their BOTOX® appointments for their lunch break.

The beautiful results will develop over two to eight days following the BOTOX® injections, and patients come back in at the three-week point to have their results checked.

The smoother, more youthful look can be enjoyed for about three months, after which movement will gradually return to the facial muscles. Contractions have typically regained about half of their power by three months, and about 80 percent of motion is restored at four months.

Anyone who wants to maintain their confidence-boosting results is encouraged to get a new treatment at the three-or four-month mark.

Is There a Way to Save on BOTOX®?

You know the saying “You get what you pay for.” Beware of Groupon deals, discount products, “too good to be true” BOTOX® costs, “cheap” treatments, and just choosing the least expensive option when you search “BOTOX® near me.” When you pay for a treatment session, you are not just paying for what should be the genuine product. You are also paying for the skill and experience of the injector.

For the best BOTOX® results, choose a trusted, experienced, and compassionate injector. The best way to save money on treatments is to enroll in Alle®, the free loyalty program by manufacturer Allergan. You can earn points for savings on future treatments!

What Options Does VITRA Aesthetics Clinic in Long Island, NY Offer Besides BOTOX®?

BOTOX® is most typically used in the upper third of the face to address crow’s feet, frown lines, and horizontal forehead lines. The forehead area is also the most common target for Dysport® and Xeomin®, other brands of neuromodulators on the market that work the same way.

For signs of aging, soft, injectable, gel-like substances known as dermal fillers can be used. Fillers can reduce the depth of creases, reshape the face by enhancing the cheeks or chin, add volume to the lips, “lift” the bridge of the nose, rejuvenate the hands, and more. VITRA Aesthetics Clinic in Long Island NY offers fillers from the Juvederm® family, fillers from the Restylane® family, and Sculptra®.