Sculpt a Slimmer, More Defined Jawline in Long Island

A sharp jawline can give the face a well-defined and balanced look. A square-like or heavy jaw, on the other hand, provides less of a “foundation” for the features above. This softness can sometimes be caused by pronounced masseter muscles or chewing muscles. Happily, there is a solution: masseter muscle reduction with BOTOX® can be helpful. Masseter BOTOX® at Long Island’s VITRA Aesthetics Clinic—also known as jawline BOTOX®—can improve the appearance of a prominent or asymmetric jawline caused by enlarged muscles. For anyone longing for a more defined, sleek, and contoured jawline, masseter BOTOX® is an effective way to achieve a slimmer, more V-shaped appearance in the lower face.



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What Is Masseter BOTOX® ?

The masseter muscle is a rectangular-shaped muscle that runs between the cheekbone and jaw. It’s one of the main muscles involved in chewing, as well as clenching the teeth. The primary function of the muscle is to lift the jawbone and bring the teeth together in a chewing motion.

A face defined by a wider forehead that tapers to a narrow jawline— sometimes referred to as an inverted triangle face shape—is considered a youthful or feminine appearance.

Masseter BOTOX® is a non-surgical, injectable neuromodulator treatment that relaxes larger masseter muscles to create a slimmer, more feminine or oval face shape.

What Can Masseter BOTOX® Do for You?

BOTOX® is FDA approved for reducing dynamic wrinkles on several areas of the face, but many experienced professionals also use it to relax or weaken the jaw muscles. Masseter BOTOX® or BOTOX® for masseter reduction can gradually reduce the size of these muscles by using botulinum toxin type A to interfere with the ability of the muscles to contract. By slimming these muscles, masseter BOTOX® can make the jaw look narrower and sculpt the more inverted triangle or heart-shaped facial appearance many patients desire.

The injectable may also be used to provide a lip lift, address bunny lines, target the DAO muscle to lift the corners of the mouth, and soften the jawline. It even has medical uses, such as helping to curb excess sweating.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Masseter BOTOX® ?

Masseter BOTOX® is ideal for people who have an asymmetric or disproportionate jawline linked to overly prominent jaw muscles due to overuse, grinding, or teeth clenching. If you have an overly prominent jawline that’s caused primarily by large jawbones, then you will probably not be a good candidate for masseter BOTOX®. We can help to determine what the best approach for you will be after a personalized consultation at VITRA Aesthetics. This is also the ideal time to discuss other details, like BOTOX® cost.

Can BOTOX® in the Jaw Help TMJ?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) treatments with BOTOX® can help to relieve soreness associated with certain jaw-related disorders. Because they relax muscles, BOTOX® injections for TMJ reduce symptoms such as jaw tension, headaches from teeth grinding, and lockjaw from severe stress.

What Happens After Masseter BOTOX® Injections?

There is practically no recovery time needed, and side effects are minimal. The jawline area will progressively become slimmer-looking with a series of BOTOX® jaw reduction treatments.

Which Cosmetic Treatments Are Available Aside from Masseter BOTOX® Injections?

Masseter BOTOX® for the jaw is just one of several minimally invasive treatments available for refining the appearance of the jawline area at VITRA Aesthetics Clinic.

For people who want to add structure or dimension to the jawline, dermal fillers may be the best solution. Juvéderm® is a hyaluronic acid facial filler collection. This filler can temporarily add lift and fullness to the cheeks, which can make the jawline look more contoured as a result. Sculptra® is a biostimulatory injection that gives the jawline a smoother, more you thful appearance by stimulating collagen production. Radiesse® is another collagen stimulator that works extremely well for enhancing the contours of the lower face and jawline.

If a double chin caused by stubborn fat between the chin and neck is preventing you from achieving the defined jawline you want, Kybella® (an injectable containing deoxycholic acid that dissolves fat cells ) or CoolSculpting® (a treatment that freezes fat in isolated areas and causes it to be removed from the body) may be the best treatment options.

BOTOX® is also commonly used as a treatment for forehead lines, crow’s feet, glabellar lines, bunny lines at the sides of the nose, and lines above the upper lip. For all of these options and more, don’t simply go with the first results that pops up after typing “BOTOX® near me.” Choose experienced, caring, and talented injectors, like the team at VITRA Aesthetics!



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