Laser treatments can be very effective strategies for generating confidence-boosting results, whether by removing the damaged outermost layer with ablative energy to reveal a smoother and more youthful-looking surface or generating healthy collagen production from within with non-ablative energy. Each option offers beautifully unique benefits, which is why VITRA Aesthetics Clinic offers laser skin resurfacing with HALO in Long Island. The device is the first hybrid fractional laser, giving patients the option to choose an ablative treatment, non-ablative treatment, or combination of the two for the “best of both worlds.”



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When describing HALO laser skin resurfacing, “hybrid” refers to the powerful dual nature of its ablative and non-ablative modalities, while “fractional” refers to the fact that it delivers skin-rejuvenating energy in a grid-like pattern—as opposed to a “blanket” or all-over delivery. Instead of ablating or removing the entire outer layer, HALO vaporizes numerous small points across the treatment area. This prompts a healing action while also preserving healthy tissue for more rapid rejuvenation after a laser skin resurfacing session.

The ablative energy is ideal for addressing textural irregularities (fine lines and wrinkles), the appearance of large pores, and other surface-level cosmetic concerns. The non-ablative energy is designed to focus beneath the surface for treating aesthetic signs of sun damage and pigmentation problems. HALO laser skin resurfacing can also diminish the appearance of scars, helping you to enjoy more of a fresh start. Many people further enjoy a boost in post-treatment radiance, which is often referred to as a “HALO glow!” All of these benefits are available for the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs.


The HALO device is incredibly advanced, with a specific wavelength for precision ablation and another wavelength for delivering energy below the surface. Both wavelengths can be independently adjusted for remarkably customizable results. The laser skin resurfacing device also features dynamic thermal optimization technology, which reads the skin’s temperature and adjusts the power of the energy pulses accordingly to improve comfort and more.

No nerve-blocking strategies are needed to maximize comfort. We recommend nothing more than a topical anesthetic to help reduce sensation in the treatment area. Patients may notice heat and a “snapping” sensation throughout the laser skin resurfacing session. Both sensations are well tolerated.

Expect to see beautiful results after just one to two laser skin resurfacing treatments. Plan for some minimal social downtime, since many people experience light to moderate post-treatment swelling, but you should be able to get back to life quickly!


Apart from HALO laser skin resurfacing, the VITRA team offers a non-ablative diode laser known as MOXI® and phototherapy with BBL® HERO (which can be combined for stunning results), complexion-renewing IPL (intense pulsed light), and Evoke, which uses radiofrequency energy for facial reshaping.



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