At VITRA Aesthetics Clinic, we are always seeking out “next-level” technology and treatments to provide unparalleled experiences and amazing anti-aging results for our patients. We found all of that—and more—in Sciton’s laser and light-based devices: MOXI and BBL® HERO. Our Long Island-based offices in Huntington, East Islip, and Smithtown offer these treatments that are ideal for patients of virtually any age and skin color, addressing a comprehensive list of cosmetic concerns.

The VITRA staff can confirm: After trying these treatments ourselves, we were impressed with both the experience and the results—and consider MOXI® and BBL® HERO to be game-changers in the anti-aging field! The two devices work well on their own, but can also be combined for a powerful and effective total face rejuvenation.



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MOXI® works well to treat superficial sun damage and signs of aging, including pigmentation and texture irregularities, as well as uneven skin tone. It is also an effective treatment for melasma, which is a skin condition that causes brownish or grayish patches to form on the face. The discolored areas can impact anyone, but are most commonly associated with pregnant women.

MOXI® is an advanced non-ablative diode laser, which means it does not remove the outermost layer of skin during a treatment. Ablative lasers prompt healing by vaporizing small areas of the surface, but MOXI® creates the desired effect by passing through the surface and leaving it intact. This makes it an especially gentle laser treatment, ideal for preventative skincare—also known as “prejuvenation.”

Patients who are new to laser treatments, as well as those who are looking for “light touch- ups” can especially benefit from this option. Results are clearly visible after the first treatment, but we recommend a series of three to four treatments for optimal results, then annual treatments for maintenance. There is no need for downtime following a session.

The laser light creates what are known as micro-coagulation zones, which cause existing collagen to “even out” and kick-starts natural healing processes.


BBL® HERO works well to treat pigmentation irregularities like freckles and age spots, as well as cherry angiomas and lax skin. The BBL® energy can also clear the redness of rosacea on the face, acne breakouts, and unwanted hair almost anywhere on the body.
Regenerating collagen and elastin can ultimately give the skin a revitalized glow.

BBL® Hero is a sophisticated form of phototherapy that makes use of BroadBand Light, which is not a single-wavelength laser, but a light that emits pulses in a range of wavelengths. The uppermost layers of skin absorb this light energy, which gently heats the tissue and prompts a healing process that includes production of collagen and elastin. These proteins are responsible for making the skin smooth, strong, supple, elastic, and youthful-looking.

Treatments with BBL® Hero take only minutes and work well on most skin types. One session is enough to prompt some visible improvements, but a second treatment may be needed in order to achieve your desired results. Compare the effects of BBL® to IPL (intense pulsed light), which can involve half a dozen treatments for results and require down time for healing after.

No downtime is required after a BBL® treatment, but patients should take extra care of their skin in the days following a session—similar to the way they would if they had a sunburn.

Combining MOXI® with BBL® HERO™

Pairing the texture-smoothing benefits of MOXI® with the pigmentation-clearing power of BBL® HERO can generate stunning results! The synergy between the two treatments allows for truly stunning transformations. The ultimate effect is a gorgeous rejuvenation with a clearer, smoother, more toned, and more even complexion.

How Do MOXI® and BBL® HERO™ Compare to HALO®?

Sciton also makes a hybrid fractional laser known as HALO®. This device can provide customizable non-ablative and ablative treatments, with the laser energy creating microscopic treatment zones that improve the look and feel of the skin. The results from HALO® can be more dramatic when compared to MOXI® and BBL®, but there is also typically more downtime associated with ablative and more intense non-ablative treatments. Combining BBL plus MOXI® is like a “mini HALO®” treatment, with noticeable results but less downtime needed.

Another Light Option at VITRA

Similar to BBL®, IPL is a powerful light-based treatment that addresses pigmentation irregularities. The VITRA team is ready to meet with you and help you determine which option is best for your beautiful skin!



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