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Skincare products and topical treatments may not be effective treatments for certain facial wrinkles. Just like other types of expression wrinkles or dynamic wrinkles, repeated facial movements can cause wrinkles in the nose area, known as bunny lines. BOTOX® at Long Island’s VITRA Aesthetics Clinic is an effective way of reducing these lines and restoring a smoother appearance, giving the face a more youthful look.



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Bunny Lines BOTOX®: What Causes Bunny Lines?

Bunny lines, those subtle diagonal or vertical wrinkles that appear around the nose when you smile or scrunch your face up, are a common but harmless phenomenon. These lines are primarily caused by the contraction of the nasalis muscle, which is a facial muscle responsible for scrunching or wrinkling the nose.

Due to the way we make facial expressions, some people—such as those who crinkle up their nose when they laugh—are more likely to develop bunny lines than others. This is because when we smile, laugh, or make certain facial expressions, the nasalis muscle contracts, leading to the formation of these lines. Over time, repeated muscle contractions and the natural aging process can result in more prominent bunny lines that grow deeper and increasingly visible.

While these lines are largely genetic and a part of natural facial anatomy, their appearance can be temporarily improved with cosmetic treatments like bunny lines BOTOX®, which relax the underlying muscles and smooth the appearance of the bunny lines.

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Bunny Lines BOTOX®: Can You Get Bunny Lines from Too Much BOTOX®?

There are two main contributing factors associated with bunny lines: facial movements and injectable treatments. If you get too much BOTOX® in the area between the eyebrows, for example, the nasal muscles can start to overcompensate, which can contribute to bunny lines.


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Bunny Lines BOTOX®: Where Do You Inject BOTOX® for Bunny Lines?

In most cases, the best way of treating wrinkles by the sides of the nose is by injecting a small amount of BOTOX® on each side, in a treatment often referred to as bunny lines BOTOX®. The area will continue to improve over the next few days. By weakening or relaxing the muscles that cause skin to bunch up, bunny lines BOTOX® can smooth these areas out. The results usually last for three to four months.



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Bunny Lines BOTOX®: What Is BOTOX® for Nose Flare?

Along with bunny lines BOTOX®, there are other nose BOTOX® techniques such as BOTOX® for a wide nose, which can help to prevent nostrils from flaring during facial expressions. There is also a BOTOX® nose lift to lift a droopy nose, creating a more balanced look.

Which Cosmetic Treatments Are Available Aside from Bunny Lines BOTOX®?

Beyond BOTOX® for bunny lines on the face, VITRA Aesthetics Clinic also offers many other types of BOTOX® wrinkle treatments. The injectable can improve lines on the upper third of the face, such as forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. A BOTOX® lip lift relaxes muscles around the mouth to enhance the shape of the upper lip, mentalis muscle BOTOX® improves dimples on the chin, and jawline BOTOX® or masseter BOTOX® reduces a widened jaw for a more V-shaped look. DAO muscle BOTOX®, also known as BOTOX® for marionette lines, helps to lift downturned corners of the mouth. BOTOX® for sweating helps you to manage hyperhidrosis.