Your body benefits from the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in the foods you eat, but there’s another way to get those skin and health benefits faster and more completely: IV Vitamin Therapy! In Smithtown, Long Island, VITRA Aesthetics offers VITRA Vitamins “cocktails” that provide a rehydrating, energy-restoring boost that works on the cellular level from the inside-out. Administering these important elements through IV Vitamin Therapy bypasses the digestive system, so everything you want and need is absorbed completely.

With IV Vitamin Therapy, you get a direct line to restored vitamin levels and energy, illness prevention, rehydration, and more benefits!



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VITRA Vitamins Options

There are several IV Vitamin Therapy options available at VITRA Aesthetics. Choose the ideal cocktail for your goals—and get infusions or boosters every one to two weeks!


The Glow cocktail is made with vitamin C, B complex vitamins, and biotin. It may help to create collagen, fight acne, and address wrinkles and “tired” skin,” as well as fortify keratin for healthier skin, hair, and nails.

The Skinny Cocktail

This IV Vitamin Therapy uses B complex vitamins, B12, and L-taurine for a mix that may help to convert fat into energy, boost metabolism, and enhance your athletic performance.


By blending vitamin C, B complex vitamins, and zinc, the Heal cocktail may improve healing time, build up the immune system, and help protect against infections.

The Athlete

Vitamin C, B complex vitamins, amino acids, and a mineral blend (magnesium, zinc, copper, selenium, and manganese) make The Athlete a cocktail that may decrease recovery time, enhance athletic performance, replenish nutrients, decrease muscle loss, and burn fat more quickly.

VITRA Signature “Myers” Cocktail

For this IV Vitamin Therapy, vitamin C, magnesium, B complex vitamins, B12, and calcium combine into the VITRA Signature “Myers” Cocktail, which may restore balance, reduce stress and chronic pain, improve immunity, and provide hydration.

VITRA Vitamins Boosters


This powerful antioxidant may slow down the aging process, encourage cell revitalization and regeneration, detoxify the liver, improve the look and feel of the skin, and help you achieve a brighter complexion and more youthful appearance after a series of treatments. Glutathione must be administered separately from the IV Vitamin Therapy either via pre-infusion arm IV or an intramuscular shot.

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin)

This booster helps the body to utilize fats and carbohydrates for energy, as well as make new proteins. It also boosts metabolism. Vitamin B12 can be included in the IV bag during IV Vitamin Therapy or delivered via intramuscular shot.


This booster fortifies the infrastructure of the protein keratin, which may promote healthier hair, skin, and nails. Biotin can be included in the IV bag during IV Vitamin Therapy or delivered via intramuscular shot.

Pre- and Post-IV Vitamin Therapy Instructions

Before your VITRA Vitamins session, be sure to avoid alcohol to avoid dehydration. Take any of your regular medications normally as prescribed by your doctor, and be prepared to arrive 15 minutes ahead of your appointment.

After your VITRA Vitamin session, continue to wear the dressing applied to the IV Vitamin Therapy infusion site for one hour in order to prevent breakthrough bleeding. You can apply cold packs for post-injection or post-infusion discomfort, and be sure to monitor the area for any redness, pain, warmth, or swelling—which could be signs of an infection. Also watch for non-life-threatening symptoms like hives, nausea, fever, cramping, and headaches. If you experience any of these, contact VITRA Aesthetics right away, or head to an urgent care facility or emergency department if it’s after hours.

You should expect to feel an improvement within 15 to 90 minutes of your IV Vitamin Therapy infusion, with benefits lasting up to one or two weeks.



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