Our skin thrives in mild, consistent weather, so any drastic changes or intense conditions can lead to skin problems if we aren’t careful. When the temperature gets higher during the summer, it means more oil production, sweating, and pores becoming blocked—which can often result in some terrible acne breakouts. We continue to apply moisturizers, sunscreens, lotions, and oils during the summer, just as we would during the rest of the year, and this also makes flare-ups worse when the products mix with grime, dead skin, bacteria, and sweat. People who are searching for ways to get clearer skin will often ask us, “Does HydraFacial® remove acne?” Here’s what Long Island-area patients should know about how this skin revitalization treatment can benefit acne-prone skin.

If you have blocked pores, acne blemishes, or blackheads, then a HydraFacial® may be exactly the type of facial you need, regardless of what’s causing your acne flare-ups. The great thing about HydraFacial® is that it can target a variety of cosmetic concerns at the same time.

HydraFacial® helps to cleanse the pores of impurities, which is why it can be so helpful for acne. The treatment deeply exfoliates and includes extractions to remove blockages from the pores. It also removes the excess sebum (oil) on the skin that is known to make acne worse. Since it is a microdermabrasion technique, HydraFacial® is believed to improve not just acne, but acne scars as well!

This treatment can be especially helpful for non-inflammatory types of acne such as blackheads, which are partially caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells. HydraFacial® can also soothe inflammation, replenish hydration, and infuse the skin with antioxidants to provide lasting relief from acne breakouts.

As HydraFacial® provides a form of deep cleaning and skin resurfacing, it can be an ideal treatment after the summer to revitalize skin that has become a little dry, washed out, blotchy, or congested from all of the sweat, excess oil, and sunscreen.

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