Summer is finally here, and the prospect of wearing lighter, more revealing clothes motivates many of us to want to get into our best shape. What many patients want to know is, does QWO® really work for cellulite? Our Long Island-area patients (and others!) can indeed benefit from QWO® to get smoother skin on their buttocks—as well as other treatments for sculpting their ideal body. With this in mind, our team at VITRA Aesthetics Clinic can help you put together a personalized plan to help you achieve your body goals if you want to transform your look.

First, remember that it takes time to get in shape. Similarly, it can take months before fully enjoying the optimal results from many cosmetic treatments, such as QWO® injections, which produce noticeable results within 10 weeks on average.

Procrastination is something we all do, especially if a task feels stressful or overwhelming. If your workout plans got derailed this year, or if you simply put off getting the cosmetic treatment you’ve wanted for too long, the good news is that it’s never too late to start working on your beach body.

Some of the most common cosmetic concerns our patients want to address are cellulite  (a harmless but frustrating condition that gives the skin a lumpy, dimpled appearance), deposits of stubborn excess fat, and sagging skin due to aging or weight fluctuations. The most suitable treatment for you all depends on your specific cosmetic concerns and goals.

  • QWO® is the only injectable, science-backed treatment that is proven to reduce moderate to severe cellulite on the buttocks. It targets the underlying cause of cellulite: the tense, fibrous bands of collagen below the skin’s surface. The enzymes that QWO® contains release these tightened bands, allowing fat cells to redistribute while promoting the growth of new collagen.
  • CoolSculpting® is a popular, non-surgical fat reduction treatment that focuses on isolated pockets of excess fat by freezing the unwanted fat cells. This causes them to eventually break down and be metabolized, sculpting slimmer body contours.
  • EvolveX body reshaping is an energy-based technique that promotes fat reduction, skin tightening, and muscle building at the same time by prompting muscle contractions, collagen production, and more.

What do these three treatments have in common? Once you get them done, your own body then works on its own to develop the results. That’s great news for procrastinators, since there’s not much to remember to do after you’ve had your treatment. That said, it’s recommended that you combine aesthetic procedures with a balanced, healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine to maximize results.

Long Island-based VITRA Aesthetics Clinic team can provide more information about injectable cellulite treatments, fat freezing, and other types of cosmetic procedures available from our practice. Call 631-662-7880 or submit a contact formto set up a consultation.

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