Plump, supple, and beautifully full skin is something many of us strive for. Babies and small children have a pleasing, round-faced look that we associate with health and youthfulness. This is thanks to several factors—including abundant collagen. Collagen is the substance that keeps skin from sagging and wrinkling, so when the body starts making less of its own collagen (which happens as we get older), we begin to notice thinner, more fragile, and less elastic skin. After the age of 40, it’s estimated that we lose as much as one percent of our body’s collagen each year. Anyone who wants to address this loss must turn to cosmetic treatments that help to replenish this important building block of the skin. Additionally, facial fat stores in the skin are diminished as time passes, so the skin may become drier, making it appear even thinner. There are many popular cosmetic techniques that purport to make skin thicker, but not all work the same. With that in mind, many people who come to VITRA Aesthetics Clinic want to know: Does microneedling plump skin? Our Long Island-based team often gets asked this question by patients who are seeking ways to treat skin that is thinning or damaged.

If you’re noticing that your eyes look puffy or dark, your skin is dull, and lines that you have developed over the years look more pronounced, it’s likely that you have thin or tired skin that may need extra attention. Microneedling effectively stimulates collagen production and increases elastin fibers by triggering a wound healing processes that gradually makes skin appear fuller and smoother.

Through a series of treatment sessions, microneedling can make the epidermis (the outer layer of skin) thicker and tighter. Along with microneedling, patients can take the following steps to get more voluminous skin:

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that’s excellent for adding hydration to skin because it absorbs and retains large amounts of moisture. Using hyaluronic acid products will help your skin to hold onto moisture so it looks plumper.


Regular exfoliation helps your skin to shed dead cells so that turnover increases. This gives your skin a brighter, fuller appearance.

If you have questions about skin rejuvenation and achieving a plumper look, our team at VITRA Aesthetics Clinic would be happy to answer them and provide further advice on enhancing your skin’s appearance. Call us at 631-662-7880 or submit a contact form to request a consultation.

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